The Food industry In Place Cleaning System or Dairy In Place Cleaning System is a cleaning system without disassembly. For the most complex Cleaning In Place Protocols, different procedures are used for the washing and rinsing products.

Specifically, the principle is to clean a line with different liquids to kill bacteria resistant to different PH.
Typical procedure for Cleaning in Place in the food industry or for a Dairy:

● Washing with water to remove the first residues

● Alkaline cleaning (soda): Soda will kill fats and proteins and clean hard-to-remove deposits.

● Intermediate rinsing with water to remove soda particles

● Acid cleaning: it will neutralize the remains of soda in the pipes and tanks and remove the mineral residues in the appliances.

● Rinsing with water: to remove acidic residues

Additional Informations :

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