We offer all types of valves such as; butterfly valves, flap valves, double seat valves, with leakage chamber ... with all diameters either in DIN or SMS.
Double seat valves

The safest way to separate

Double-seated plug valves are ideal for safely separating what does not fit together in automatic process plants.
Our double-seated valves are among the most modern and safest on the market. Two independently controlled upper plugs with pressureless leakage relief prevent incompatible media from mixing. Product migration from the valve disc seals is excluded. If, contrary to expectations, a leakage occurs, the medium flows unpressurized through the leakage gap.
Slotted valve discs for maximum safety.
The leakage chamber can be easily cleaned by raising the upper valve disc or lowering the lower valve disc.
Everything is under control thanks to numerous automation possibilities: from sensor monitoring via PLC or ASI-BUS control head to the emergency stop function and valve position indicator. Even an ATEX version for gases and dusts (zones 1, 2 and 21, 22) is available.
Double-seated plug valves are characterised by low operating, maintenance and repair costs.

Sbti valve

DUNOS-O washing ball
Powerful against dust
DUNOSO type cleaners generate an orbital and space cleaning pattern by rotating the head with simultaneous rotation of the nozzles. The circular movements of the DUNOSO clean the tanks completely and safely. The high dwell time and the adjustable high pressures guarantee effective mechanical cleaning of the tank walls. The DUNOSO 50 is suitable for an installation opening of at least 70 mm and a connection with an internal thread G ¾. DUNOSO 90 is designed for an installation opening of at least 130 mm and a connection with a G 1 internal thread ½.

Efficient, economical and environmentally friendly

With our DUNOS wash ball models DUNOSO 50 and DUNOSO 90, you save both money and resources. The liquid-saving operating mode is environmentally friendly and guarantees reliable results even at low pressure.

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